25 Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Maggio

  1. I once gained 40 lbs. over a summer helping my uncle out at a new ice cream shop. Safe to say some of the profits were in my belly.
  2. My dream job is to buy a slab of land in the tropics and rent jet skis all day while getting a tan.
  3. I've played every sport there is, and sucked pretty bad at anyone that involved a ball. My fear of balls came from me playing catcher in gym class, and getting my face smashed in by a softball. I did however making the winning sack at our last football game senior year for the championship, Rudy Style 🙂
  4. I have listened to books on tape since there were tapes around. A lot of people thought I was weird for this, however a lot of those people now work for me. Someone told me early on that your brain cannot recognize the difference between you actually talking to Donald Trump and just listening to Donald Trump.
  5. I can't listen to stupid people it drives me nuts. You actually start to believe what they are saying is true and you can feel your IQ going down if you let it. Most likely if you are around 8 morons you are likely to be the 9th.
  6. I do love listening to smart people, I find I have a lot in common with them, including a terrible formal education, and a hatred for stupid people. People look at me like I'm nuts when I travel all over just to shake hands and get insider info, it sure beats “Coupon Clipping”…
  7. My feet are really wide, like duck style …….
  8. I once ran a half marathon half tanked on tequila weighing in at 241 lbs. I was real surprised when I finished in the top 30%  out of 35,000 people. Not nearly as surprised as the lady in the medic tent was when she saw the size of a “Monster” blister on my foot!
  9. I love cheap beer in particular Miller High Life, I don't know whether it's the shape of the bottle or the fact it's “The Champagne Of Beers” …… Side note, not a great boating beer as the caps fall off in a cooler because they are made so cheaply.
  10. I love boating, I cannot stress this enough. It is the most relaxing thing you can do and everybody is a helluva lot cooler when they are boating. Even your boss who probably owns one is out there with a smile on his face.
  11. I hate golf, I am super ADHD and cannot stand how slow golf is and have zero patience for it. Yeah yeah yeah I know business gets done on the golf course, but it also gets done on a boat, trust me on that one…
  12. I never left home till I was about 19 other than to go skiing in the Poconos. Now thanks to a few skills I have learned from the best of the best, I have probably been away well over 100 times – some of those locations are Amsterdam, France, Japan, Hawaii, and a lot of places I seem to “Forget About”
  13. My first time in a boxing match, I called it off after 17 seconds, the guy was crushing me. However the next time some poor guy paid for it, 3rd round knockout, they had to roll him out of the ring 🙂Side note: I am not tough, so please don't pick on me, make love not war
  14. I don't watch TV, and up until 2010 never really cared to own one. It’s a complete waste of time, and is designed to just sell you stuff. Trust me when I tell you, that if all you did was give up TV, you could create a full time income in 90 days…
  15. I outsource everything, I believe it gives people work and allows them to do what they are best at. There is no person on this earth that can convince me that they could not afford a cleaning lady. Bottom line is even if you took that time to take a nap, I can guarantee you will be more productive.
  16. The first time I smoked a cigar, I threw up from it, trust me on this one: DO NOT INHALE!
  17. I am an Apple Fanatic, it has taken over everything I do. Steve Jobs was a genius (and a dropout), if you ever had the luxury of being to an Apple store in the middle of the weekday, it’s still swamped. I just ordered the iPad Mini because I didn't have it.
  18. I had bad acne when I was younger, but I think it was due to the fact that I hovered over a fryer for a living at Burger King.
  19. I'll try anything once, that includes DJ-ing, I missed the boat on this one, but I wasn't all that bad for the three days I did it. Problem was I am better on the other side of the bar.
  20. The only thing I like more than boating is the tiki bars they can bring you to. Everything in moderation, but there is nothing better than sitting outside, eating some raw clams, listening to reggae. When I move in the water I am going to make my backyard a Tiki Bar.
  21. I was afraid to speak in public so when I was young I went to this guy and had him reprogram my brain. I drove to NYC and paid like $1,000 bucks or something. I was so bugged out at what he was saying I think I cured it myself!
  22. I used to be able to fluctuate my weight 50 pounds between winter and summer. Now it just kind stays up all year round, so I do have to work out almost every day or eat super clean, and that ain't happening, so I choose to work out…
  23. I literally try to be the best in everything I do, the more complicated the better. I don't believe that anyone can do better or has a better shot. I try to figure out shortcuts around everything, and often find them. Usually when someone says “WTF are you thinking?” I'm right on course.
  24. I hate the winter, whomever came up with the term “Seasonal Affective Disorder” wasn't a genius, they just hated winter as well. Yeah no crap you are going to get “depressed”, it's cold, and gets dark out earlier. You don't need medication for it, like the drug manufacturers suggest, you need a different zip code my friend…
  25. The internet intrigues me like no tomorrow, it is changing the way every company does business. It allows for the small guy to compete with any large corporation out there. I can almost guarantee that if you don't understand the internet and how to market yourself you will be out of business in a few short years. I choose This System as my form of education and suggest you do the same.
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