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Looking back at Adam Maggio’s humble beginnings, it is amazing to see how he has transformed himself into one of the country's top sales experts and who has consistently been at the top of the sales game year after year. As a kid, Adam watched his parents work hard at a J.O.B, and thought that this must be the way you succeed. He decided he would work hard, too.

But all this time led to Adam being very frustrated. “Why was some people successful and others not?” was the question that lit a fire inside of Adam. This made Adam even more determined to succeed, so he followed in his parent’s footsteps, working in fast food, delivering pizza and going to community college.

All that time, though, Adam was frustrated. You see, he KNEW something wasn’t right. His parents worked really hard, but they still weren’t rich. Nothing that he tried seemed to work. Adam thought going to college and getting an education was the answer, but THAT didn’t help him get rich, either. It seemed like a formal education wasn’t the key to the mystery.

So what was the solution? Adam thought maybe direct sales was the answer. A friend told him that in sales, he could make as much as he deserved. Adam was tired of not having the life he wanted, so he decided to take his friend’s advice. He started a career in sales at age 21. He was convinced that it would give him the success he knew could be his.

For the first few years, Adam had it ROUGH. He struggled to make ends meet. But all that time, he started learning the secrets of what it takes to be RICH. One of the first things he learned? You have to be your OWN BOSS! Sure, you might earn a decent paycheck working for someone else, but that still won’t make you rich and give you the kind of financial security most people only dream about. So Adam kept pushing himself at his sales job with a huge Fortune 500 company, finding out all the tricks and tips.

Then an amazing thing happened. All the inside information he was learning started to pay off. Adam became the #8 producer at this company of over 60,000 employees, at age 24! Adam was sure he had struck gold. But even then, he knew there was something missing. Adam realized that to REALLY make the BIG BUCKS, you had to RECRUIT and TRAIN other people to do what you do. Once he figured that out, Adam went to New Jersey and learned what at first seemed like some “weird recruiting tricks.” But nine months later his team was awarded as the “Rookie Team of the Year.” Adam knew he was on to something big now!

For the next four years, Adam continued to place in the Top Ten in recruiting in the company. His multi-million dollar team has had nothing but success. Adam realized it was time to spread his message. It was time to move to the internet. There, Adam could share his strategies with more people than ever and stay ahead of the curve. Adam has taught thousands of people the recruiting tricks that have allowed him to consistently be in the top 1% of all sales earners in the entire industry.

Adam’s mission is to help people take CONTROL of their lives and be able to leave their JOBS. Let’s face it: things are still rough in the economy. To be able to REALLY SUCCEED, you have to fire your “Boss” and work for yourself. When you do that, you take the first step to financial FREEDOM:

-The freedom to take CONTROL of your OWN life, instead of someone ELSE controlling you
-The freedom to learn the REAL WAY to make money and get RICH
-The Freedom to NEVER have to worry about a JOB, BILLS, or SECURITY, EVER AGAIN!

Adam’s amazing system has helped so many people reach their potential, take charge of their lives, and have the SECURITY and HAPPINESS they’ve always wanted. Don’t wait any longer to start changing your OWN life. Learn more about Adam’s “secrets” and start your new life with YOU as the boss NOW!

To Find Out More About How YOU can Prosper with Adam Maggio's Coaching, visit Work With Adam.

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