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direct sales leads

Are you looking to attract more direct sales leads? If you are, you have realized, that direct sales leads are the lifeline to your business actually making money. With the right attitude and marketing, you can enhance your online presence for major direct sales lead flow. Now, when using the internet, your main goal is gaining your potential prospects trust, which is how you will convert this flow of leads.

This way, if a percentage of these potential leads, you are conversing with, are not looking to use  your products and services, they might know others who are! They will at least refer people to you who might be interested in what you have. There are various ways you can get free, and laser targeted sales leads, for your direct sales business and we are going to be discussing them in this article.

Start Using The Internet for Direct Sales Leads It is 2013!!!

Social media, YouTube, Twitter, Blogging, and all these amazing platforms give you various options to promote your business for FREE and get direct sales leads. Now, if you are going to sit here, and complain about learning how to effectively use these methods, then by all means exit this blog now, and I will keep the leads for myself. However, if you are hungry to learn these methods, and start implementing them stick around and subscribe above.

Now, lets discuss the first mistake I see people make online. Posting spam all over the internet. No one is online specifically to be sold. They are online to browse, and get INFORMATION, on products and services. If they happen to run across someone, NOT selling, but sharing, they may be super inclined to purchase at that moment.

Did you get my message loud and clear? Stop selling and start sharing. I am not saying give it all away either. I am simply saying BE YOU and share tips within your niche. How can you do that without looking spammy? Here is how:
•    Share client testimonials. This is a perfect example of “soft selling” without being super aggressive. Do not share them 18 times a day either. Once or twice a day is great. Even twice a week would be good.
•    Besides just posting and chatting, upload images of what you do!! Show people you practice what you preach!
•    Upload videos of your tips! People can identify with you on another level when they can see and hear your tone.
•    Be consistent!! On the internet you can always find shiny new toys!! Keep people wanting to come back because you are always releasing more exciting new toys!!
•    Remove the images of your cat!! Are you a business to be taken serious? Then act like it. A nice headshot smiling is the best. Nothing too fancy. Something that shows you love to laugh and are approachable!!

Take It To The Streets for Direct Sales Leads!

Start meeting with your online following!!! One of the most effectual ways of getting direct sales leads is to get your relationships with your fan base to such a level, where you can ask them out. Meet them and show them you genuinely care about their business. This will have an enormous effect in getting the sales leads for your direct sales business. I am not saying wine and dine them at the Ritz people. I am saying meet for some coffee!!
Host FREE Business Building Seminars.

Present your direct sales organization in front of them in an effective way. Create a platform, online or offline, where the attendees will ask you questions regarding your business. Or, regarding business in general. The attendees might not be your customers personally, they might be just attending your events to further educate themselves in business. You never know where that new connect will lead!! Or how many people they connect you with at your next seminar!

This will result in referring and recommending to the others about you and your business. Therefore, this will be a huge impact as you are getting leads for your direct sales business. And it all starts from the USING THE INTERNET again, where you can reach large masses, quickly.

When you are preparing yourself for getting the sales leads online for your direct sales business, you need to remain professional, and as the expert in your niche. Once you establish yourself as the leader this will attract others to you and your business. If you position yourself to be spammy and “hype like” that reputation will follow even faster then a good one!!


Direct Sales Leads


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Direct Sales Leads

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