How To Use Pinterest To make Money, Drive Traffic & Increase Sales.

How To Use Pinterest To make Money, Drive Traffic & Increase Sales
You are most likely thinking how to use Pinterest to make money and sales from pretty photos? No way do you believe this because your girlfriend plays with this thing all day long and no way you make money and drive traffic from this.

Actually you can. Let me drop a few facts so you can see the potential here:

•    The average Pinterest user has an annual household income of $100,000+
•    Number of visitors as of April 2012 19,744,958
•    Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social networking site in the world
•    Pinterest generates 27% more revenue per click than Facebook
•    Average time spent on site 15.8 minutes
• rates it as one of the top 100 websites
•    Pinterest is barely 3 years old
•    Pinterest is referring more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined

Pinterest makes it so easy for “pins” to go viral very quickly. If your blog does not have a “pin” button you are missing out on potentially having your content go viral. When it does get “repined” and go viral guess what's attached to that pin? Your blog post content. That is how you can drive traffic to your blog using images. Once someone clicks on that image it will redirect them to that blog post content.

You can also add #hashtags just like with twitter. This way you can put has tags into the descriptions of your “pin” to help that gets pushed around to people who are looking for that specific topic. You can also integrate your Pinterest with your WordPress site.

The reason the image based social network is super addictive is because it literally takes 5 seconds to see a super cool image and “re pin” it. So how can you successfully apply this in your business. One way is by posting pictures of your products. You can even add the $ symbol in the description and then the pin will generate a price label for that image. I recommend linking that “pin” back to your website. This is how you drive more traffic and how to use Pinterest to make Money!

How To Use Pinterest To Make Money: Set Yourself Up For Success!

When setting up your initial account make sure to optimize it geared towards your target market. This way you're setting yourself up for success right out of the gates. Make sure to setup a few initial boards and add a few fresh “pins.” Like I advised above make sure to integrate with your blog for pinning.

Once you have your initial setup taken care of you need to do some market research. Find out what boards your market is having a blast on. Then create some similar boards and follow the ones they are enjoying to gain some inspiration from!

Now you are all setup and its time for you to start “pinning.” These sites are called “social media sites” meaning go be social. Go find others valuable content and “re-pin” it to one of your boards. Go leave some comments on others boards and create some interaction for your new Pinterest site. The more social you are the more social people will be back on your content.

How To Use Pinterest To Make Money: Get Creative With Your Images!

You need to get creative!! Or hire a graphic designer on to get creative for you and design some “call to action” images and any other creative designs you can use for your new Pinterest boards.

I also highly recommend you download the app and create a board where people can get to know you. In sales what is our goal? To build relationships with people and build networks. What better way to do this then through fun and unique images while you are on the go daily. While you are with a client snap a photo and boom “pin it” with some #hashtags so people can see your happy amazing clients. Again get creative and have fun with this.

This should give you a good jump start on how to use Pinterest to make money, drive traffic and increase sales.


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