Sales Team Building-How To Build Your Multi Million Dollar Team.

sales team building

If you are starting to yield excellent results in sales you are most likely starting to understand you need a sales team building plan. At the age of 24 I become the #8 producer at a company of over 60,000 employees. I knew that was impressive but I still felt like I was missing something. If you are feeling the same way you are missing something sales team building.

I realized in order for me to take my game and income to the next level I needed to recruit and train other people to do what I was doing. Once I figured out the missing link I quickly took action and started researching sales team building from top producers.

Nine months later my new and flourishing team was awarded “Rookie Team Of The Year.” At that point I knew this was the right direction that I needed to concentrate on perfecting. Fast forward another four years and I landed myself such a powerful sales team build strategy that I was able to create my multi-million dollar team.

I have now taught thousands of people the recruiting secrets that have allowed my team and myself to consistently be in the top 1% of all sales earners in the entire industry. I do not say all this to brag and gloat. I say all this so you understand with some basic skills, time and consistency you can achieve the same results.

So what are my secret sales team building strategies? That is a great question and I will help you develop your own sales team building plan.

Recruiting Your Multi Million Dollar Team-Sales Team Building Step 1:

The first step is you need to recruit the right people. Sales is not for everyone. You are not looking for people who are going to complain and suck the life out of you. You are looking for go getters who are taking their sales career seriously and want to work with a mentor such as yourself.

Mistake number one to avoid while sales team building is letting recruiting take time away from you making sales and maintaining your sales numbers. The purpose of this is to improve your numbers not take away from them.

Go to and purchase a “gig” for $5 dollars to a professional who will compose a well written ad that outlines what you are looking for. Then once this professional delivers this ad you need to again go purchase a “gig” from a professional who will place this ad in all your desired locations. This will cost you $10 bucks to do and about ten minutes of your time. This is busy work and you need to outsource it so you can focus on your sales and your clients.

Recruiting Your Multi Million Dollar Team-Sales Team Building Step 2:

The next step is once you have the ad up and running do you personally interview everyone? Absolutely not. I am all about working smarter not harder. You are looking for a few diamonds in the ruff not a few decent candidates. Quality over quantity you want to spend your time training a few people who are again emptying their cup and willing to learn the skills to be successful in sales.

Before you interview anyone you need to have a process of elimination setup for your sales team building plan. Again this is something I would find a pro on that offers a “virtual assistant gig” and outsource this. Let them know what you are looking for and let them filter so that only the BEST can get to you. This again avoids you wasting any time.

Then you are left to personally phone or in person take one day to interview the remaining contenders. You can also use this same type of system and pay someone to go patrol LinkedIn and seek out some promising sales professionals that are looking and highly recommend. This is how you can successfully begin recruiting your sales team without taking away from your current sales.

Recruiting Your Multi Million Dollar Team-Sales Team Building Step 3:

The last step is at this point in sales team building you have found your 4 go getters who have poured out their cups and are ready to learn. I would suggest taking 2 hours in the day that are slow for sales and spend that on training your new sales team. Begin teaching them your basic techniques that have pushed you to the top.

Then have them come into the field with you to watch and observe how you do what you do successfully. Once you think they are ready to have them go door to door or make calls to leads using your script. The only thing that is going to help them learn the skills you are teaching them is to start making mistakes and failing forward.

The more they start taking the actions with your guidance and tools the closer they will get to becoming a top sales team building crew.


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