Social Media For Sales Professionals-Stop Selling & Start Giving!


If you are interested in how to use social media for sales professionals this is the article for you. I am a sales professional myself and understand the importance of adding new marketing such as social media into my strategy for long term growth.

Social media is radically changing the way consumers purchase things. Did you know that majority of people that use twitter will use it to “tweet” a recommendation of a product or service they used. This is a great example of why social media for sales professionals.

In sales referral's go a long way for us. Getting referrals from clients who were exceptionally happy with our services or products they purchased from us help sales professionals close more sales and help more people. This also helps us build our network.

If you use social media correctly this can do the same thing for you while you sleep. Help you build a relationship and find potential new clients. This means more sales. I am going to approach this article a little differently. Instead of telling you what to do I am going to tell you what mistakes to avoid.

Social Media For Sales Professionals -Mistake Number 1 To Avoid:

Do not jump onto multiple social media platforms and start selling. I have seen multiple sales professionals spam their offers and flashy specials and get zero engagement. Never shocks me. All you will see in their Newsfeed is, “Ultimate Magical Fat Burning System Now Only $19.99 ORDER NOW.” Or something to this effect five times a day at high traffic times. This is the absolute wrong way to use social media for sales professionals.

No one is on social media to be sold. They are on social media to be social!! GET SOCIAL! Create a community based around what you sell. If you sell fitness products you need to add value daily to attract potential customers looking for fitness products. If you post helpful and valuable tips at high traffic times people will engage and SHARE your content. This is the correct way to use social media for sales professionals.

Social Media For Sales Professionals – Mistake Number 2 To Avoid:

Once you are adding value and your engagement is going up do not jump the gun on trying to sell. I have seen sales professionals post an amazing tip such as, “Make sure to lower your carb intake and up your cardio by 30 minutes daily and I guarantee by making this small shift you will drop 3lbs this week.”

They get a ton of comments, likes, and shares on this post and decided at the end of the thread to write out a sales pitch on their 30 day supply of all natural card fighting belly busters. That is jumping the gun.

Unless someone asked a very specific question like do you recommend a carb flighting supplement that I can partner with this? Then it is appropriate to private message this person and now move into the sale.

Once you build the community correctly by leading with value you will have plenty of opportunities to softly pre sell. Then by properly pre selling and building a community you will start to see the messages and referrals flood in.

These are your first two major steps to perfecting social media for sales professionals to be extremely beneficial for you and your business.


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